Free Consultation
including sample bodywork


Two Service Options:

Tune Up

(three x 2 hour sessions)


Full Integration

(ten x 2 hour sessions + follow up)

$200 per 2 hour session

(sliding scale available)

What to expect from a Holding Wholly session:

Your consultation will include an orientation where you and I will explore what you wish to accomplish with our work together and how Holding Wholly will benefit you specifically. Although this therapy is brief in duration, it is important to spend some time getting to know each other to make the most of our work together.

I will give you a sample of bodywork so you can feel what the work will be like. You can experience first hand how the muscle tissue changes. Should you encounter any images through this experience we will explore them as we would in a regular session.

Each session of the structural integration bodywork builds upon the previous session. In the
Tune Up series we realign the superficial layers of the musculoskeletal system over the course of three sessions. The Full Integration continues the work for seven additional sessions working the deep core muscles, as well as the head and face, for a complete realignment. Full Integration clients also receive a free follow-up session.

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